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Founded in 2014 as a 100% subsidiary of German emcotrade GmbH, SCSC Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a company, specialised on Worldwide Logistics Services and the sourcing of electronic components in the Asian Distribution market.

We provide air-, sea-, rail- , truck-freight and warehousing services to our customers and partners in all possible variations and dedicated and tailored 100% to our customers‘ needs. This allows us in all kinds of logistics tasks to provide a door-to-door delivery solution. Beyond the „pure“ logistics we also offer to take over our customers‘ purchasing activities up to the level as requested. We call this our „Outsourced Purchasing Services“.

In cooperation with our mother company emcotrade GmbH we are in the outstanding situation to handle any cargo traffic between Asia and Europe by using our 2 free trade zones and treat such kind of cargo traffic without any customs constraints.

Many years of experience in Sourcing Electronic Components in the European and American Distribution Market, SCSC Singapore now allows us to also access the Asian Distribution Market to our available product portfolio.

We mainly purchase electronic devices for our customers active in the industrial and telecommunication markets.